. Implementing the policies of Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution and executing the statute, Sirjan Bonyad Agriculture Co. is an admirable organization.
It is known as the main producer of healthy pistachio with stable quality among the world’s top pistachio producer.
It is a leading company in profitable investments and is consistent with competitive advantages in Iran and abroad.
Moreover, it will be recognized as the best exporter of pistachio to the surrounding and European countries.
As the largest and the best pistachio producer in Kerman province and Iran, Sirjan Bonyad Agriculture Co. was established in 1993 to supply completely hygienic products which meet the highest quality standards.
The headquarter is located in Sirjan County and other units are located in Kerman and Fars provinces.
Currently, the company is a subsidiary of Ferdows Pars agriculture and animal husbandry development Co. owned by Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.
In 2002, this company registered its brand called TOoKA in the Department of Registrar of Companies in order to produce, process and sell the best Iranian pistachios.
The total land of the company which includes 8 units is over 5285 hectares of which 1957 hectares contain pistachios, olives and black roots . Employing an average of about 430 daily full-time seasonal and contract individuals is active during the year. Furthermore, 1766 hectares of the areas are now under cultivation of pistachio. The majority of pistachio orchards are located in Sirjan County. The average of dry pistachio production, based on the annual production of a tree, is about 1500 to 1800 tons in less productive years and 1800 to 2300 tons in productive years.
In order to face the increasing health-oriented demands of consumers, Sirjan Bonyad Agriculture Co. has exercised the correct horticulture techniques, brought about innovations in production as well as automatic and modern machinery process from the early stages to processing with the capacity of 300 tons of pistachios per day and has complied with all health conditions by producing high quality pistachio which is free from aflatoxin and corresponds to the international standards. Therefore, this company has achieved the highest rank among Iranian and Asian producers which has led to an increase in pistachio production requests from European and Asian traders. Currently, the produced pistachio is well known in terms of shape, taste and flavor all over the world.
The size, variation and high quality of the company’s products are other factors which lead to success in export.